I just wanted to drop a quick update; I’m sorry I’ve been Missing In Action for a while. I’ve not been 100% lately. Nothing too serious but I’ve not been on my laptop all that much.

I’ve got a Kidney Stone. A few weeks ago I ended up in A&E with excruciating pain and I was peeing blood. I then had a bad week with pain (I had painkillers) and was off work for a few days.

I then went to Cornwall for a week last week, luckily, I wasn’t in pain and it didn’t effect the holiday. But, I didn’t take my laptop and I switched off. Cornwall is beautiful by the way and I loved it.

Then, this week, I’ve been back at work but had a nightmare on Monday. I had a follow-up CT Scan at North Manchester General Hospital. The Dr on the phone told me it would be an 8 o’clock appointment. The Dr did not tell me that A) It is an open clinic and that is not your slot and B) I needed to see the consultant after. So, I arrived early at 07:30 AM. I didn’t have my scan at 08:00 and waited until 10:30 (that’s two and a half hours) then after that scan I didn’t see the consultant until 15:00 (that’s four and a half hours) I finally left the Hospital at 15:30 – 5hrs after I got there.



The other day I wrote about quitting and today I’m writing about completion.

When I wrote that article I was in the middle of finishing a career mode on WWE 2K20 and I’ve now completed it.

I’ve never completed a game, and, I’ve never even completed a career on a game. I think when I wrote that article I was writing about me quitting at games more than anything.

I have played a lot of games and I always quit, I always give up as I get bored or move it, or, quite frankly it gets too hard and I don’t want to carry on.

For example, I buy the WWE 2K game every year and have never really bothered with the career mode. I mean, I perhaps sometimes didn’t even try but most of the time I’d do one or two chapters and then move on to something new.

I’m actually very happy that I’ve completed it. It lit a fire in me completing one chapter and then wanting to play the next. It was nice to have something to work towards, some goals and the sense of achievement at the end is a good feeling.


Are you a quitter?

I don’t mean to get deep or mean this in a harsh way and this certainly isn’t some type of motivational speech that you’ll find on a Nike advert.

No, I just want to know if you quit at things? Because I do. There are so many different examples from very tiny meaningless stuff to some ‘projects’ or ‘ideas’ that I never really ran fully with.

I don’t quit when it comes to work, I’m actually the opposite and pursue things to the nth degree. In life, I get bored more than anything and stop rather than quit.

I’ll start something and put my everything into it, hours and hours of hard work and time and research and late nights and then I’ll not do it for a few days and get distracted and move on to something else. Is that quitting?