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  • I was Head Boy at School
  • I am actually from Colchester, in Essex
  • I trained as a Barista whilst in Australia


  1. What is your biggest blogging achievement? I haven’t got any, perhaps when I used to have my own website it was being allowed to attend a Cocktail Making class or a new opening.
  2. If you could travel to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go? Bali, if it was for a Holiday. But, perhaps back to Australia
  3. What’s your party trick? For someone like me, it may come as a surprise to know I can actually rap the Shaggy bit of “It Wasn’t Me” word for word
  4. Aside from technology, what’s one thing you could not live without? Food, sorry that’s a little cheeky! Music/Podcasts would have to be next on the list
  5. What star sign are you, and do you believe in horoscopes? No, sadly I don’t – Oh and I am Aries 

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  2. What got you into blogging, did someone inspire you?
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  4. What’s your favorite season?
  5. And, finally, do you dunk your Jaffa Cakes?

Things I’ve noticed this week:

1. Disclaimer; I am not racist. There are still a lot of tourists who visit Manchester (other cities too) wearing face masks. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Is it because the air is polluted where they are and they are used to it. Is it because our air is polluted? Is it not pollution but just because the air is different?
2. The Michael Buble story is inspirational. The sadness of his son going through such an illness as cancer has turned his view on the world upside down. He now looks at life, time, each day different. He doesn’t want to spend his life “working” and on the road away from family. He values his time more. Perhaps we all should take something from Buble’s story?


Thoughts of the week

  1. I have noticed a lot recently that when I order an Americano they always ask me for milk. Now look, forgive me for this little rant as I know that people do like a ‘Black’ Coffee but with milk. I used to be a Cappuccino guy or more recently a Flat White guy but I’ve stopped having milk. I only order Americano’s now, and, for someone who has actively cut out milk and therefore orders a coffee without the answer is always “No!”. I just don’t understand why, I think it should be that if you order an Americano it comes without and it’s for the customer, the odd person who may want it on the side to ask. Just a little thing that frustrates me.
  2. I always get stopped by homeless people and asked for “any spare change” and I don’t know why. Now, I know they ask a lot of people and it isn’t so much the ones that are squatting on the pavement in one area, but, the ones walking about. Now, this week I noticed it even more and, by normal folk. I actually do like it. I am not saying I don’t. I just wonder why? Is it because I dress smartly? Is it because I look friendly?
  3. I want to do a photography course. I have expressed my interested in online “free” courses before. I have also been vocal about how I actively want to learn more, I think this is a key thing in life to keep the brain working. I think having hobbies are good too, it’s nice to do something on the side. Something other than the 8-5 Monday-Friday. Photography is something I am interested in. I have always like taking photos on my phone, and, whenever we go out I always stop suddenly and snap. I bought myself a proper camera, a beginner’s point-and-shoot Cannon. Now I have a proper camera I’d love to do a course on how to take good photos, learn all about the techniques and tricks!
  4. Can a colleague also be a friend? What is the difference between a work colleague and a friend? This is a debate I have had with people for many years and, I am very strongly in favor of there is no such thing as “just” a colleague, as I really believe there is no divide. I can, hands down, say apart from my Girlfriend, my best friend is a colleague of mine. She works with me currently. I met her at work and I see her for 8hours-a-day. She is my right arm and I would be lost without her. We always talk outside of work and, she is the one I turn too (out of my other friends) for anything in my life. My point, however, is two-fold; 1. She is more than a colleague, not a work chum but my actual best friend. 2. Without meeting her at work and working with her so much the bound wouldn’t be as strong. The other point about “friends” at work, and, how it changes after they leave. With my job, I have seen friends come and go, and, some I still stay in touch with and see outside of work. And, probably will be friends with for a long time. But, no matter how hard you try, due to the change of scenarios, it isn’t the same. I also believe that true friends are those you actively make an effort to talk to, and, see outside of work, but, without seeing them regularly it is difficult.


Not really sure what days I’m up to or where you need to know from. Yes, it’s a Tuesday but I wanted to keep this up and post a little note on a week-and-a-bit-or-so!

Last week was a positive week all round, a little bit of good news on the #buyingahouse front. Its been a bloody long slog of a process to just get to this stage. Every week is no update, but, finally, now we’ve been told its at the ending stage. Shouldn’t be long until its actually all signed off and done.

I can’t wait to move in. We’ve had it agreed for weeks and months and started the process so long ago. Because we’ve never been ‘that’ far I haven’t allowed myself to be excited or plan.

Now we know its close we can start getting excited. I mean, I have had a board on Pinterest for ages but now we are seriously looking at things with the “oooo that’ll look nice there” voice in our head.


September’s coming to an end


Saturday was a day of two halves. Woke up early and everything was normal, black coffee in bed whilst I put my bets on. Food shop. Etc.

Gemma’s Mum called round with our Neice and Nephew. Was nice to see them, haven’t seen them since we took them to Legoland before we went on holiday.

We had a play in the house, made them lunch and then as we took them to the pack – it bloody chucked it down. Gemma’s Mum hoovered up, and the dust proper set off my allergens.

We were going out that night to an escape room and out for Gemma’s Sister’s Boyfriend’s birthday (gosh that was a mouthful).  My allergens made me so sneezy, sniffly and runny nosed that I managed the Escape Room but went home. Gutted as they went to this Arcade place with adult arcade games, a bar and it sounded ace.

Sunday I woke up all sniffly and blowing my nose every ten seconds, which, made watching Netflix a little annoying (for Gemma). We nipped into town, got a few items from Primark and KFC for lunch. Oh, and I got an Americano from this protein Cafe in town.

Americano – I have this issue everywhere I go and it’s only in the UK (never had it in Sydney, Australia) big chains and small independent shops, always, ask if I want milk and the answer, of course, is always NO. I wouldn’t ask for an Americano if I didn’t want a black coffee. Today, the guy even assumed I was having milk and asked: “How much milk you avin lad, a lot or a little?”


Monday was a little stuffy. I was still sneezing and the office was freezing. We’ve sadly hit that point.

When we come back from Holiday at the start of September it was cooler than when we left, but, I clung on to the idea that it would be fine again. Just a nippy weekend and then the sun would be back. Perhaps I didn’t want to let go of the nice weather, but, after this week I sadly have to accept the cold is coming.

I saw a Tweet this week too that made me think “Tell me one thing about you that makes you proud to be you? #wellness”

My character.
I don’t care what people think of me, I don’t do things for likes or to be popular. I don’t do or say things to impress and I’m constantly riding on the edge of sometimes saying things I shouldn’t.

I have come a long way, had things happened to me that is unimaginable but I never use this as an excuse. If I say something that is “bad” that’s just me. I haven’t turned to the dark side.

I work hard and I do that not to work up but because I want to work hard. I’m trying to say, for good or bad I do things cause I’m Ryan.

Oh. What a shit end to the week, I found out what certain people/person actually thinks of me. It’s the opposite of the other people’s opinion which is tough. It was anonymous feedback and well, it really hurt and upset me reading it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I respect that it’s just hard to read some peoples view on yourself. I don’t understand some of it and, I have tried desperately not to let it eat me up inside but….

I’m gonna just try and shut it off and focus on the good things. The potential opportunities for new things at work and openings. And, get myself excited for that. Look, I guess in life you aren’t going to make everyone happy and that’s just something we all need to live with #noeveryonescuppatea


Weekly Diary

Hi readers,

I have decided to do a little Diary. I ain’t promising anything special but, I spend most days chatting shit and having an opinion on something so… I’ll jot them down and collate once a week and upload.

It might not necessarily be split per day and it’s not going to be a traditional Diary. It’ll be whatever it ends up being. I’ve always said that about my Blog, it doesn’t fit categories or tags.

This week

This week has been much like the rain. My mood has come and gone. Like the weather, sometimes the sun has broken and I’ve been chipper and happy and sometimes its raining and I’ve been a little grumpy.

Disclaimer; My mood is not based on the change of the weather. The above is merely and comparison.

I started the week off a little low. Something happened with my personal life which probably affected my mood more than I thought. However, the win to take from this was that my friends. My true friends. My best friend. Rallied round and helped, not just lending an ear and a kind word but actually genuinely cared.

Then I perked up but dipped again midweek. I’m very strong with my emotions. So, when something happened that changed the “plan” and something that was booked in and I was expecting it put me in a bad mood. And, this lasted longer than I thought. Two days in fact.

I ended the week on a high. Taking the small wins and looking on the things that I have done that I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Also, apart from being the bad guy at one point with my opinion on someone, I sucked it up and slapped a smile on for the afternoon.


Annapurna Hotel Tenerife

We stopped here for 7nights as a family (6 adults and an 18month baby).

We read a lot of bad negative reviews in the months leading up to coming and can I just say, you’ll read more but it is what it is. It’s NOT that bad or horrendous or “hell” “mental asylum” but you do get what you pay for.

1) The all-inclusive isn’t all-inclusive, it stops at 10 pm and they literally shut the doors of the bar. Everything shuts down. Plus, it doesn’t include ice creams or snacks throughout the day. Drinks are limited, spirits are poured as triples so a winner there, but the beer is just Amstel. You pay for the other brands.

2) The food is boring and samey. It isn’t horrible tasting and we never had an issue. But a few things to say… The pork over here taste’s odd, so the sausages aren’t what you are used to. Plus, with any mass cooking, the dishes are cold and that sometimes isn’t pleasant. The same dishes, i.e. Pork and Fish every day can get too much. Some people we spoke to decided to eat out most nights. We didn’t, as we, as a family, had a small budget. Breakfast is nice, fried stuff too much? There’s pastries, yoghurt and fruit in abundance. But, if you’re doing lunch+dinner then it can be too much.

3) The rooms are basic but nothing too disgusting, we had a cockroach in our room on the first night but none the others, and, no ants. BUT one thing to mention is the loud music. There is a noisy nightclub nearby that played pumping thumping club music on Friday and Saturday night until 1 is in the morning. On Saturday (after not sleeping Fri, our first night) we asked to move rooms and we never do that. We couldn’t sit as Hotel was full, but, we gave it another go on Sunday as we assumed Nightclub wouldn’t be open and it wasn’t. So we stayed all week. BIG, TOP TIPS – Ask for another pillow, they only give 1 thin one but two is more like ‘home’ so helped us sleep better. And, ask for a fan. It’s only €10 for the week but its well worth it.

Now for some home truths about the Hotel, YES it does look like a multi-storey car park and when we turned up we were a little like. Oh? But, that in the grand scheme of things is irrelevant. YES, the corridors and eating areas do feel like a Hospital or Prison but that’s because they’re dated. And, again, does that matter? With the exception of the dining hall, it felt like a communal canteen and didn’t have a great feel to it. But the last night we were fed up with eating on the plastic tables and in the whitewashed walls. YES, the Pool can get a little dirty and slimy. It is true that the pool is only cleaned once a week, and, from what I saw it didn’t have a scum filter so isn’t even filtered daily. The day before it was cleaned, I understood why we slipped when standing on the green grunge on the bottom. The day it it’s cleaned, its fully emptied and refilled and this whole process takes the day, so its pretty much out of use.

The area itself is a little rundown too, the ‘Town’ that’s on the doorstep seems to shut on weekends. Sunday was a ghost town and Saturday evening nothing was open. The Marina is nice, but there’s nothing to do in the area or many nice places to eat/drink (from what we saw). If you’re gonna just lay by the pool and not leave the front door of the Hotel this wouldn’t bother you. But, my advice is to get the Bus (€1.50 each person each way, stop outside the Hotel and takes around 20mins) into Los Cristianos.

Look, it is a mixed review because of its the truth. In all honesty, if TripAdvisor would allow half stars I’d give Annapurna 2.5 as its middle of the road. It is budget and budget is what you get, penny-pinching with the ‘all’ inclusive and all-in-all it’s just a little basic.