Pushing yourself, out of your comfort zone.

In life it is true what they say, sometimes you need to push yourself – out of your comfort zone.

We all need to do things we feel uncomfortable with, not too much, but, a little. You get that feeling right? That your body is telling you not to do something, well, push it just enough and you’ll be fine. It actually feels good when you have.

Nerves. Anxiety.

These are words and feelings we can overcome. With my particular boundary pushing task it can be overcome with planning.



Honesty, yes, that thing that some people aren’t very good at. There is actually a very big importance on being honest. Things don’t happen instantly, but, over time people will begin to trust you.

And, with trust, trust grows. People then share secrets with you, and, you’ll start to recognise that your history becomes your best selling point. What do I mean by that? – As you become more honest, when “someone” spreads a rumour or the secret slips out, they know it’s not you.

I know it’s cheesy, and I know its a cliche but when I say to someone “I promise I won’t tell anyone” I mean it. And, I don’t. The worse thing in the world is when someone tells one person in the hope they won’t spread, then, that “one” person tells just “one” more and it spirals.

If I’m the “one” and the first it won’t go further, and, my friends know that. Don’t get caught up in gossip, don’t think you need to share to be popular, just be a truly honest person. (And, if everyone did, wouldn’t the world be a better place)


Controversial Opinions

Don’t let other people’s views change yours. We all have an opinion, we all have a view and sometimes, even our closest “best” friends can be the opposite.

But, stick by what you say and believe and feel. If you genuinely feel that, not matter how controversial it is, stick by it.

If others disagree or challenge it, or, even reacted shocked to what you say don’t change. Its not so much “Don’t back down” as it’s not an argument. Its don’t change. If they love and care about you as a person it won’t change there opinion of you.

I’m very controversial.
I’m open about how I am and how my views can be slightly leaning to the wrong side. But, I don’t care.

My friends all know, if we were in a plane crash and they are dead … I’d eat them.



People always think I’m the Office clown and sometimes I am not sure where the line is. I guess people like to “wind me up” because I am funny right?

However, sometimes, when I try and be funny people can take it the wrong way so… Its not them, its me. People (Friends) should know me by now, and, sometimes when I say things that are slightly controversial I don’t actually mean it.

In terms of ‘jokes’ I guess I am just sensitive, and, my mind works horrible cause when I get a little seed – it grows and I have to consciously shake myself out of it.


Hump Day

Why is it that we associate the middle of the Week as a hump to simply just “get over”. It’s like Monday’s (these should be your most productive day, not your least). Think of Wednesday like any other day, a day to achieve what you need, not to get over.

I know it’s hard, but, if we get into the bad mentality it’ll affect the rest of the week. If we start Monday’s bored and unmotivated, you’ve got the week off to a bad start. Same with midweek. Grab Wednesday’s by the 🍑s (or what ever emoji is best suited for balls) and don’t get down!




Thank you to What Abigail Says (https://whatabigailsays.co.uk) for nominating me.


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  • I was Head Boy at School
  • I am actually from Colchester, in Essex
  • I trained as a Barista whilst in Australia


  1. What is your biggest blogging achievement? I haven’t got any, perhaps when I used to have my own website it was being allowed to attend a Cocktail Making class or a new opening.
  2. If you could travel to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go? Bali, if it was for a Holiday. But, perhaps back to Australia
  3. What’s your party trick? For someone like me, it may come as a surprise to know I can actually rap the Shaggy bit of “It Wasn’t Me” word for word
  4. Aside from technology, what’s one thing you could not live without? Food, sorry that’s a little cheeky! Music/Podcasts would have to be next on the list
  5. What star sign are you, and do you believe in horoscopes? No, sadly I don’t – Oh and I am Aries 

I am guessing I need to nominate a few people, I don’t think I have enough to list but I will ask one of my blogging friends to take part if they want.

My questions to those who choose to join in and share are;

  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. What got you into blogging, did someone inspire you?
  3. What’s the one taboo subject you love/or would love to write about?
  4. What’s your favorite season?
  5. And, finally, do you dunk your Jaffa Cakes?

Things I’ve noticed this week:

1. Disclaimer; I am not racist. There are still a lot of tourists who visit Manchester (other cities too) wearing face masks. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Is it because the air is polluted where they are and they are used to it. Is it because our air is polluted? Is it not pollution but just because the air is different?
2. The Michael Buble story is inspirational. The sadness of his son going through such an illness as cancer has turned his view on the world upside down. He now looks at life, time, each day different. He doesn’t want to spend his life “working” and on the road away from family. He values his time more. Perhaps we all should take something from Buble’s story?